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Logical symbols

Overview of the most important logical symbols with references to the corresponding articles.


Symbol Alternatives Short name Description Article
A B , , , , , if “If A, then B Conditional
A B , , , , ~, ≻≺ iff B exactly when A Biconditional
A B &, , · and A and B Conjunction
A B , + or A or B [or both]“ Adjunction
A B , , , , >< xor A or B [but not both]“ Contravalence
¬ A !, ‾‾, not „not B Negation

See also Junctor


Symbol Alternatives Description Article
A: B ͓∧ „For all A it is true, that B Universal quantification
A: B ͓∨ „There exist [at least one] A, for which B is true“ Existential quantification
A: B „There exists no A, for which B is true“ Universal quantification§Negation

See also Quantor


Symbol Alternatives Description Article
A B , , , A is logically equivalent to B Logical equivalence
(see also Biconditional and Contravalence)
A B , A is not logically equivalent to B

Mathematical symbols

Only those symbols which are used in articles on this site are listed here:

Symbol Alternatives Description Article
{}, , Ø, 𝛷, 0 , ε, Λ Empty set Empty set

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