Information on the cookies used on this website.

As a general rule, the cookies set by this website are used only to ensure that the site operates as expected, including for providing an anonymous analysis of page views and similar analytics. Neither cookies nor other mechanisms are used by the provider nor by third parties in order to track or de-anonymise individual users or to create user profiles.

Technical details

The following cookie is specific to the site “Fallacies Online”:

  • cookielaw – used to remember that the cookie popup information has already been shown to the user; it can only contain the value “1” and is stored for one year (functional cookie).

The following cookies are set by the publishing system in use (“Doku­Wiki”) and are required in order for the site to function (functional cookies). For more information, see the Doku­Wiki FAQs.

  • DokuWiki – Contains a session ID; will be deleted when you close the web browser.
  • DOKU_PREFS – contains user settings, such as the size of the edit field, etc. This cookie is stored for one year by default.

Exclusively for logged-in users of the Wiki (i.e. editors), the following cookie is also set:

  • DW<code> – is only set if you are logged in as a registered user and in that case it contains a hash of your user name and password; Remains valid for one year.

Third-party cookies

This website does not set any so-called "third-party" cookies and does not share any user information with third parties.

Data protection

Information on data protection can be found in the Imprint.

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