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In this category, fallacies of logic are discussed.

This section also contains a collection of (valid) inferences for reference.

Terms and names

Logic is a very old science (commonly linked to Aristotle from the 4th century B.C., even though there were important logicians before him). Most of the terms we use today have been established the latest in the Middle Ages, i.e. at a time when Latin was considered the common language of scholars.

Even though nowadays most the literature in this subject is written in English, it still commonly uses words that have Latin or even Ancient Greek origins.

Wherever there is a choice, the English terms are generally preferred on this site, but in many cases there is either no suitable equivalent, or the Latin terms are so much more commonly used that the English term would be rather confusing. For example the expression “non sequitur ” is used literally since millennia. In such cases, of course the more common term is used.

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