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Information on the name

The ancient Greek word “metá ” [μετά] has undergone numerous changes of meaning over time. Originally, it was a pure preposition, which is best translated simply by the English word “with” – not surprisingly, since the etymology of the word “with” can be traced back directly to metá.

This also included meanings such as “attached”, “following” or even “behind”. For example, the metaphysics, founded by Aristotle, supposedly got its name from an instruction to the librarian to please shelve the book behind or after his other book about physics.

Only in modern times has the meaning shifted again: “meta” is now also used to describe transcendent or self-referential concepts: “metatheory” would therefore be a “theory about theories”, or a “meta-discussion” a “discussion about discussions”.

This section therefore contains information that comes “with” the actual articles in this wiki. They reference these articles, but are not themselves part of the actual wiki content.

In addition, you can find here an etymology of the term. It doesn’t get more meta than this.


  • Logical symbols – a collection of logical symbols together with references to the corresponding explanations.

#TODOother pages are in preparation.

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