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The following cookies are set by the DokuWiki system. For additional information, please see the DokuWiki FAQs.

  • DokuWiki – contains a session-id. This is required for a functioning of the web site (necessary cookie), This cookie will be deleted automatically when you close the browser window (session cookie).
  • DOKU_PREFS – contains user-settings like the size of the editing field, etc. This cookie is set for one year and is required for using the web site (functional cookie).
  • DW<code> – only set if a registered user is signed in and contains a hash of the user name and password. Also stored for up to one year (functional cookie).
  • cookielaw – contains “1” if the user has already dismissed the cookie information banner (prevents it from being displayed again). This cookie is stored for 10 years (functional cookie).

Data protection

The cookies are only used to ensure the proper functioning of the site, including statistical analysis of the site usage. At no time will the operator use cookies or other mechanisms to track or deanonymize individual users or to create user profiles.


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